Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Desert Willow

Apparently we have a desert willow in our back yard. It has the most beautiful purple fragrant flowers!
Desert Willow.

I found it in this clever book "Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest" that I have been immersed in for the last couple of days. This book has really helped me identify some of the plants growing in my yards. Wonderful color photos!

From reading I have learned a preparation of it's roots and leaves can alleviate diarrhea. Desert Willow leaves and flowers can also be brewed into a tea to treat colds, sore throats and fevers as well as aches and pains. In various formulations, the plant has healing properties for skin irritations and cuts. For instance, boiled bark can be used as a skin ointment.

Desert Bloom Herbs also has a great page regarding the use of Desert Willow.

I think I will try and make a salve from the infused bark for cuts and boo-boos that may come up.

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