Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Money is something that is sometimes hard for people to talk about or even to be honest with themselves about. I know that it helps me immensely to be able to see where my money is going and why. I use Money to track my transactions at home, because I like to see the graphs and projections. The Boy uses a mix of Excel and Money (I'm not sure how he does it. Magic?) It is a huge goal of mine to work my way out of the debt that I have stupidly put myself in. Every week I track my progress and do the happy dance when the debt number is lower than it was the week before!



good for you. keep it up. I am doing it too....for the 2nd time!

Susan said...

Do you do your money-tracking every day, once a week, or what. I'm trying to get an idea of different "money routines", as I think that's what wrong with me. How much time/day do you devote? Thank you!

susan said...

Ok, I just re-read your post and did the "d-oh!" when I realized you did say you do your tracking once a week! Sorry, please ignore that question in the comment I just sent... However, I'd be interested in knowing how much time it takes!

Thanks again,

Brittney said...

Hi Susan :)
I spend maybe ten minutes once a week to see where I have spent money (graphs, reports, etc), but when I do spend money, I usually enter it right away (or else I would forget to). It only takes a couple seconds to enter the info though, so it's not a big time commitment for me :)