Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Three And A Half Day Weekend

1. Plan a garden.
-Emended soil in one bed with 10 cubic feet of steer manure and 4 cubic feet of organic mushroom compost
-Bought the biggest jalapeno plant. The thing is at least three feet tall. A lot of the fruit has turned red (although there looks to be at least 20 green peppers left and many flowers) so I plan on making them into a garland.

2. Take a "formal" herbwifery class.
-This weekend was supposed to be our Wild Food Weekend event, but we had to cancel.

3. Choose a major, and act on that choice.
-Yeah, nothing is coming to mind at this point.

4. Learn to tie dye.
-It rained much of the weekend so we didn't get an opportunity, it was on our list of to-do's though.

5. Organize the soap lab, and make space for an herbal lab.
-I did go through some container boxes and I think I may have come up with a way to use some of them.

6. Replace our current refrigerator.

7. Learn to can and preserve food.
-Not per say. We did make a lunch meat recipe I found on Vegan Dad. I haven't tried it yet, but is smells good (and was very cheap to make!)

8. Get 24/7 off the ground.
-I emailed some stuff to my secret agent.

9. Exercise four days a week.
-We weeded and emended the veggie plot. Not a whole lot other than that though.

10. Be a vendor for two more shows.
-I applied for one to be held in October, I haven't heard back from the venue yet.

All in all this was a great and relaxing weekend!


Kathie said...

Congrats on everything you've done!

Sue Swift said...

You certainly did a lot more than I did ...

Came in from Blotanical. Wanted to leave you a welcome message there, but the site is taking so long to load I gave up. Hope this is just as good!