Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fermentation Madness

The Boy is reading Wild Fermentation and seems to want to make every single thing in it. Since we are short of flat surfaces to store our jars of bubbling goodness we will be putting in shelves this weekend.

Currently bubbling away-
Ginger Beer
Hard Apple Cider

On the short list of things to get started this week-
Sourdough (this is a maybe for me, but The Boy loves sourdough)

We are in desperate need of more glass jugs though. Sunburst Bottles has a great selection of large capacity glass bottles, if we can't source them locally that is where we will get them for future projects.
Oh the excitement of wild fermentation! I love to sit and watch the jars start to spontaneously bubble with no aid from us other than a piece of muslin to keep the flies out. (photos coming soon)


Gina said...

We have jars all over the kitchen that keep multiplying! I've been giving starts away of kombucha and sourdough (which I took a break from when I killed my last batch) to everyone I can talk into housing them, LOL!

I plan to try kimchi and ginger beer one of these days.

Brittney said...

It's so addicting and amazing!
Kim chi is so tasty, good for you, and super easy! (We have two jars going now :D)