Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm considering re-branding the soap biz. I want a stream lined look, something memorable, something people will pick up and say "wow! I must have this" (OK, that last bit is what I always want). I'm thinking a Victorian meets steam punk look. Very feminine, but with teeth, as it were.
I am going to have to clean out all the soaps that are currently packaged with the old label/style. Last year I cleaned out the inventory with a huge ass sale on Etsy which was very successful! I'm thinking maybe 3 for $10 rather than $5 each. Stay posted! Fear ye not, I will come to some sort of decision!

I lack creativity when it comes to naming the soaps though. A thesaurus is my best friend.

Here is the current style:
(sorry about the blurry photo)

I really love the tree. It's just so...plain? boring? nondescript?

I need a new name. And new graphics. And new images. And new descriptions. Oh my! I'm open to the universe (or any humans) providing me with inspiration.

Skits off to play with fonts and inspiration