Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cob Oven

I've been browsing the internet for cob oven instructions and information after seeing one on The Path To Freedom site. Isn't it beautiful?
I found some instructions on the Instructable website here. In the article keeps referring to Kiko Denzer's book, which, lucky for me, my local library has! I'm so excited at the prospect of having my very own outdoor cob oven.
Here are some photos of artistic cob ovens built by Kiko Denzer and others for inspiration.

Here is an adorable toad shaped oven from

And a snail from the same site

cob oven from
Another frog oven from

frog oven from
I'm sensing a frog theme. This cute oven is from

cob oven from
I love the mustache! This creative cob oven comes from

And lastly, here is a great article on a community center putting in there cob oven. Southern Cross Permaculture Institute and their oven.


Lonny said...

Nice blog and great DIY home efforts. Glad you liked the cob oven from Appropedia. Here is another one that is cooked in regularly and quite good looking! Blue ox earthen oven

Brittney said...

Thank you for that link lonny! Lots of great information and a very nice looking oven!
Now I just have to convince my landlord that I can put one in :D

Lonny said...

Now that would be a good page...


Good luck.

Gina said...

I so want a cob oven. It is on my to do list way, way down around 938 I think!

Brittney said...

We got the tentative go-ahead from my landlord :D Now we just need to choose a spot and a design

Lonny said...

@brittney: Great news! Please let me know if you have any questions.

In addition, please consider taking pictures and posting your process to Appropedia to make it easier for others to build a cob oven (you could also post, in the background section, the argument you used with your landlord to get permission).

Brittney said...

Lonny, how does one post to the Appropedia site?
And the landlord mom owns the house I'm renting, so it wasn't too hard to convince her. I doubt our conversation would be much help to anyone else :D
I picked up Kiko Denzer's book yesterday, hopefully that will be helpful info!
Thank you for the continued support

Lonny said...

Kiko Denzer's book is great!

To create a page on appropedia you can just search on whatever title you want, such as: Title in progress cob oven and click edit this page (after logging in in the upper right corner). Then you can just start typing away and it will make a page. Here are some more instructions, but if you start a page, other people will come along to help out.

Good luck and enjoy.

PS Here is a nice salt/shake test for determining % clay in your soil.

P~ said...

Brittany, very cool blog! And great info here on the cob ovens. I look forward to checking in and seeing the oven come to fruition. One is on my list of "one days", but too many other short term priorities. Good luck.