Monday, August 18, 2008

Doing Not Thinking: Week 2

1. Plan a garden.
-He did lots and lots of pruning over the weekend. It's so nice to be able to really see what space we have available!
-Set up our worm compost bin
2. Take a "formal" herbwifery class.
3. Choose a major, and act on that choice.
-Leaning toward a midwifery or something similar. I'm sure it will change next week though.
4. Learn to tie dye.
5. Organize the soap lab, and make space for an herbal lab.
-I did the opposite! It's an even bigger mess due to some liquid soap making experiments.
6. Replace our current refrigerator.
7. Learn to can and preserve food.
8. Get 24/7 off the ground.
-I mailed some stuff :D
9. Exercise four days a week.
-Walked to the Farmer's Market.
-Walked to various stores.
10. Be a vendor for two more shows.
-I may have found an October show. Not sure yet though.

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